What is wrong with chlorine?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Business Letter: Ben and Jerry’s – Writing Letter that Grant Claims and AdjustmentsBackground InformationAs an environmentally conscious business, Ben and Jerry’s redesigned its print containers to use unbleached paper. This may seem a small matter, but it involved developing an entirely new packaging material for its ice cream. That packaging material had to please its marketing people, who wanted to show off their great label graphics. They had to use paper that had not been bleached with chlorine. What is wrong with chlorine? Although it makes paper white, it contains dioxin, which is not safe for environment. In producing paper, pulp mills using chlorine are adding dioxin contamination to their local systems. Eventually, Ben & Jerry’s found a new chlorine free, unbleached paperboard for its packages. That was the good news. The bad news was that the inside of the package was no longer white: the interior of the new packaging was now brown.TaskAssume you have been hired by Ben & Jerry’s to help answer incoming letters of complaints. Although you are fairly new, your boss gives you a letter from an unhappy customer. This customer opened a pint of Ben & Jerry’s “World’s Best Vanilla” and then threw it out. He saw the brown inner lid inside of the package and decided that his pint must have been used for chocolate before it was used for vanilla. He wrote, “the entire pint has gone bad and somehow turned the insides brown.” Whatever the reasons, he was not taking any chances. Although he had been a long-time customer, he now wanted his money back. His last comment was “I like your stand on environmental and social issues, but I do not like my ice cream in used containers.”Write a letter that explains the brown cartons, justifies the reason for using it and retains the customer business. The letter should be addressed to Mr. Adam W. Johnson, 4030 West Griswold Road, Phoenix, AZ 85051. (Signed by yourself)Compose a letter of adjustment to Mr. Johnson using all of the above information.
Follow the block format for the letter (see ch. 7/PP lecture).
Include the following:
Acknowledge receipt of the customer’s complaint.
Sympathize with the customer’s inconvenience or frustration.
Take (or assign) personal responsibility for setting matters straight.
Explain precisely how you have resolved, or plan to resolve, the situation.
Take steps to repair the relationship.
Requirements: follow the instructions written above and attached

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