What is UCF’s ranking?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a python project and need guidance to help me learn.Problem A – Movie GoingFilename: movies.pyThe nearest major shopping center from UCF is Waterford Town Center. It has tons of great offerings, but the biggest draw for me was the movie theater. Once I was able to go there on a special group rate of $7.50 per ticket. Most of the time I went, I paid the student rate of $8.50. This was while my friends paid the general admission rate of $9.75.*Given the amount of people going to the movie theater, print out how much we are expected to pay for the entire group. You are always apart of the group, so the minimum will be 1, and the maximum group size will be 50. The group rate is offered only if the group is 20 or more. You do not need to check for the size of the group, just know it will always be inputted within that range.* These prices are fictional and not offered.Sample Case 1:How many people are going?1The group’s price is $8.50.Sample Case 2:How many people are going?3The group’s price is $28.00.Sample Case 3:How many people are going?22The group’s price is $165.00.Rubric (Points Total: 8 points) Header Comment – 1 pt
Other Style Issues – 1 pt
Read in Input into an Integer – 1 pt
Calculates price correctly – 1 pt
Uses an if statement to use a different formula – 1 pt
Correctly uses an if statements to calculate groups 20 or more – 1 pt
Displays a calculated price – 1 pt
Displays the price with two decimal places. – 1pt
{IN ANOTHER FILE}Problem B – The Better TeamFilename: team.pyOne of the craziest things about college sports is trying to rank them. There are so many teams, and many never play each other. For example, in division 1 basketball (which UCF plays in) has 350 different schools in it! There are human and computer rankings that get published each week. You assume that your school (UCF) will win the game if they have the lowest overall ranking. In general, UCF basketball teams play 2 games a week. Your goal is to determine based on your ranking and the other two school’s ranking how many games you will win and who is the best team. Sample Case 1:What is UCF’s ranking?50What is team #1’s ranking?75What is team #2’s ranking?25UCF’s Record: 1-1Best Team: Team #2Sample Case 2:What is UCF’s ranking?1What is team #1’s ranking?75What is team #2’s ranking?25UCF’s Record: 2-0Best Team: UCFSample Case 3:What is UCF’s ranking?100What is team #1’s ranking?15What is team #2’s ranking?25UCF’s Record: 0-2Best Team: Team #1Rubric (Points Total: 11 points) Header Comment – 1 pt
Other Style Issues – 1 pt
Read three values as an Integer – 3 pt
Calculates overall record correctly – 1 pt
Determines correct winner – 3 pt (1 point per team)
Prompts are displayed correctly – 1 pt
Output format is formatted correctly – 1 pt
Requirements: Follow the steps.   |   .doc file

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