What have been your original thoughts about the book?

Answer the below questions in an Essay form
What have been your original thoughts about the book? (What did you find interesting/etc?) Also, comment on Jonah’s statement
..”that there is only one goal for all companies, and anything that brings you closer to achieving it is productive and all other things are not productive.” Did this make you want to continue reading the book?
CH Summaries:
CH 1 – Intro to Alex Rogo, Mr. Peach and Dispute over order 41427
CH 2 – Alex’s home life and move to hometown
CH 3 – Mr. Peach states division has 1 year to improve or be sold
CH 4 – Alex reflects on his recent run-in to his physics Prof, Jonah. (Alex still does not know what the Goal is)
(The book is attached below) – please reference the ideas you’ve highlighted/ discussed.

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