What general principles of constitutional law does this case create, reaffirm, or reject?

Case Summary: Mock Case: Powell v. Alabama
A. Case Summaries: 2 cases/article reviews: worth 10pts each ½ page summary per each capital punishment case (in one Word document); at least 500 words. Make sure you state case name and then summarize the chapter in paragraphs. You are to type summaries in a Word document using Times New Roman, 12 pt. font with 1 inch margins on each side of the paper.
i. Case: Powell Vs. Alabama
You may use the summary headings below to guide you with completing your summary for this case summary assignment:
1. The Facts.
In the United States the Supreme Court does not decide hypothetical cases or cases that are not ripe. Every case therefore rises in a particular factual context. The facts may or may not have a substantial influence on how the Court decides the case. The facts themselves are sometimes subject to interpretation and a source of disagreement among the justices. The facts should include the statue or policy challenged and the various constitutional provisions implicated in the case.
2. The Questions Presented.
What question of constitutional law does the case present? Frequently a case involves several constitutional provisions and consequently several constitutional questions for resolution. We find it most useful to try to pose the questions in a format that yields a “yes-no” response.
3. The Holding.
How does the Court answer the questions? Usually the response is contained in the majority opinion, but many times the decisive holding must be constructed through a reading of several different opinions in the case.
4. The Rationale.
This is a summary and analysis of the reasoning and evidence the Court uses in its decision. What strategies and methods of interpretation does the opinion employ? What kinds of evidence does it muster on behalf of its argument? What are the implications of the opinion for future cases? How does the Court describe its role in the political process?
5. Significance of the Case.
Why is the case important? What general principles of constitutional law does this case create, reaffirm, or reject? You should consider again the questions posed in earlier components of the case briefing steps. (add your own opinions related to the significance of the case)

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