What do 1 through 4 contain given your choice of “role” or “demographics”?

Paper #1
Our Own Manifesto
Directions: Our 1st paper assignment asks you to create your own personal manifesto, taking into account your particular demographics and specific roles. As the author of this manifesto, you are writing as a voice of others in your role/demographic, so select these carefully given the four required elements listed below.
Roles to choose from could include, but are not limited to: Student (field/major), Employee (type of job), Family (specific relation), Athlete (type of sport)…
Demographics to consider can include, but are not limited to: Gender, Age, Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Nationality, Sexual Orientation…
So, you have to ask yourself, “How do I write a manifesto from the point of view of… a college business student” or “… a gold team hockey player” or “… a 42 year old Caucasian American” or “… a 20 year old Hispanic female”? To answer this, be sure to fulfill the following requirements in your paper assignment.
Required Elements of a Manifesto:
While different manifestos address the following elements differently and in different orders within their composition, any manifesto…
1.) identifies a specific problem(s) present in our world (or “part of the world”)
2.) offers concrete examples of how the problem(s) are destroying or limiting this world
3.) demands that specific changes be made
4.) offers clear examples of how the suggested changes will improve things for those involved.
What do 1 through 4 contain given your choice of “role” or “demographics”?
Formal Requirements:
– 400 – 500 words in length
– Give your Manifesto an Original Title – centered, after the 1st page academic material
o After that, feel free to be tradition (Trotsky-like) or more creative (Loy-like)
– Grammar, Spelling, Etc. matter so double-check and ask questions as needed
Deadline: Uploaded to Bbd Assignment Link: Deadline – Friday of Week 3, midnight.
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HUM310.98.SP.22 COMP CONT LIT foe under weekly leason for week 3 the login is https://blackboard.roosevelt.edu/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp?course_id=_360024_1&content_id=_2639097_1

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