What competitive strengths does this strategy exploit?

Discussions in this course are set up as Literature Review. You are supposed to compare and contrast the opinions of the authors of the articles provided in the discussion and in weekly Learning materials, present the important information, data (if applicable), statistics (if applicable) to support your conclusions. It is important that the Literature review is written in your own words with small quotes from the articles. All quotes must have references in accordance with the 7th Edition APA Style.
Forecasting Financial Performance – Financial forecasting is susceptible to error because of the inherent subjectivity associated with estimating a company’s future performance. Analysts can improve the accuracy, consistency, and usefulness of forecasts by following a systematic forecasting process. It is also necessary for analysts to be as objective and realistic as possible when developing assumptions about the future performance of a company. Computer-based forecasting models can significantly increase the ability of analysts to examine the likely effects of alternative forecasting assumptions. Although many analysts develop their own models, there are a number of useful models that are available commercially.
The financial forecasting process will give students a chance to demonstrate the ability to formulate a corporate and financing strategy for a company. This is accomplished by preparing computer-based forecasts of future operational and financial performance.
For this week discussion please review Learning materials provided in the Content of week 4.
Assigned Discussions:
Develop and explain a recommended corporate strategy for the selected company. What competitive strengths does this strategy exploit? How is the strategy different from the current strategy? What are the risks associated with the new strategy and its chances for successful implementation? If the current strategy is considered to be the best alternative, carefully and thoroughly discuss and explain why?
For the selected company, develop and explain a recommended financing strategy. How much additional financing is needed? What should be the sources(s) of that new financing and why? Estimate the costs of the new financing? If the current financing strategy is considered to be the best alternative, carefully and thoroughly discuss and explain why?
What are the most important things that you learned from the study of this week’s readings and assignments? Remember to always include appropriate references.

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