What are their secrets?

1. Revise your outline (I uploaded the first draft of the outline, please revise it and make the story that is focused on the theme, make the story logical)
THE FRONT(1976). In this movie, the main character doesn’t truly resist (find his voice) until the very end. That’s what makes his last lines so powerful. Think about the contrast–between who he was at the beginning and who he became at the end. Think about his journey; what made him finally speak up?
Make choices. Your revised outline should be clear and decisive. I’m going to be hard on you this week and try to poke holes in it. Come ready to defend it.
Also, come ready to try to poke holes in each other’s revised outlines.
2. Write bios for your characters. (The female miner and the company astronaut)
Write this as if you’re writing a biography, not in question-and-answer format.
Once you have fully-drawn characters, you’ll be able to choose which aspects of their personalities–and their lives–to use to tell your story.
How old are your characters? What do they look like?
How would you describe their personalities in a few words?
What are their secrets?
What do your characters want and why can’t they get it?
Who do they love?
What significant events in their lives informed their personalities?
Anything else that you think might be important.
Note for this assignment:
—Make sure each outline beat is as perfect as it can be. This week will be harder; I’ll be trying to poke holes in your story.
—What is the catalyst (the moment) that makes the miner suddenly “find her voice”? Does it have to do with why she’s there? Or why she wants to leave? It’s fine if she’s just fed up, but then you’ll need to lay track for that, show how this is the last straw.
—Do you want a twist at the end? A twist can be very effective, but it’s not essential. If you choose to use one, it will need to be organic to the story.

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