What are the three major divisions of the brain?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need guidance to help me learn.Know the parts of the nervous system, the structures involved, and what they do:Central and peripheral nervous systems
Somatic and autonomic nervous systems (Note: there is additional information on this in sections 2.8, 2.9, and 2.10) Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
What are four main parts of the typical neuron and their functions? Dendrites
Cell body (also sometimes referred to as soma)
Terminal buttons (also known as; terminal buds, synaptic knobs, axon buds)
Synapse (synaptic cleft, synaptic gap)
Myelin sheath
How do neurons communicate?Resting and action potential
Synapse (synaptic cleft, synaptic gap)
Neurotransmitters (you do not need to know the functions of the different neurotransmitters, just the general definition of what neurotransmitters are and what they do).
What are the three major divisions of the brain?
What are the functions of the parts of the hindbrain?Medulla
What are the functions of the parts of the midbrain? Substantia Nigra
What are the functions of the parts of the forebrain?Subcortical structures: thalamus
Cerebral Cortex (cortical structures): Identify the lobes and regions of the cerebral cortex and their functionsOccipital lobePrimary visual cortex
Parietal lobePrimary somatosensory cortex
Temporal lobePrimary auditory cortex
Frontal lobePrimary motor cortex
Prefrontal cortex
What is the corpus collosum?
Know the left and right hemispheres’ function
What is the endocrine system and how does it communicate with the rest of the body?
What is plasticity? Neurogenesis?
What is neural pruning?
What is brain reorganization?
{You may skip sections 2.11-2.13 on genes and genetic influence}.
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