What are the differences between diabetic coma and insulin shock?

Below are the instructions from my instructor for the paper due.
“It can be difficult to determine if an affected individual is suffering from diabetic coma or insulin shock.
For this case study you will need to complete the following in a properly formatted APA paper:
* Research each of the complications associated with diabetes mellitus
* Include your research in a 1-2 page paper
* Include a reference page
Below are some ideas you may want to include in your properly formatted APA paper:
* What are the differences between diabetic coma and insulin shock?
* What is the best rule to follow “when in doubt”?
* If a patient were to present with the symptoms associated with diabetic coma or insulin shock, what might you do to determine which complication they are suffering from?”
I have included the APA file they have us use for our papers. The paragraphs need headings as well, as the template states. The title page can be left how it is and I will fill it in later, then the body of the paper, then the last page being the reference page. The paper must also include in text citations for information. I greatly appreciate your help.

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