What are the advantages to car companies

Minimum 550 words. Please answer questions listed below (4) within the case study analysis. The basis of the analysis cannot be simply answering the questions only, they are only acting as a guideline. **Make sure all references are cited correctly.**
Each mini case solution must follow the following formatting guidelines:
***Three sections consisting of 1) Problem Identification 2) Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis 3) Recommendations***
The (4) questions that must be answered along with the case study analysis are attached. The case study is also attached.
1. Pick a protagonist (i.e., any automobile manufacturer or technology firm) for the purpose of
answering the rest of the questions and developing a case solution
2. Describe why it’s relatively difficult to design an effective dashboard display system. What are
the advantages to car companies in developing their own dashboard system? What are the
3. Conduct a customer analysis to identify the sources of value from the customer perspective
(Hint: Review my Technical Note titled Customer Analysis and identify who, why, when and how
customers of the protagonist firm derive value from dashboards).
4. Based upon the customer analysis above, identify the strategic options available to the company
that you have chosen. What would you recommend?
Problem Identification
Identify the major problems found in the case. Ensure that you distinguish between causes and symptoms. Causes may include changing customer preferences, increased competition, etc. Symptoms include declining revenues, loss of brand equity, increased customer churn, etc.
Please support your problem identification by relevant case facts along with the associated theory and concepts.
Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis
Conduct research to identify data (e.g., obtain data in the form of trends, statistics, ratings, etc. from the library and other sources) that can be utilized to provide additional insight into the case.
Draw appropriate conclusions based on the quantitative analysis of data, while recognizing the limits of this analysis.
Discussion and Recommendation
Identify and recommend a solution to the major problem in the case (there is likely to be more than one solution).
Briefly outline your solution and evaluate it in terms of its pros and cons.
Always ensure that your recommendations are supported by statistical evidence and provide spreadsheets as necessary.
Appendix and References
Please include any tables or figures that are not included but are referenced in your report.
**Make sure all references are cited correctly.**

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