Was this a HR planning success or fail in your opinion? Why or why not?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Choose one question below:Chapter 5HR planning and education 2020-2021: As the junior, elementary and high schools in Toronto responded to the pandemic, the 2020-2021 year was unlike any other from an HR planning perspective. The requirement to offer virtual and face-to-face class, the unpredictability of student enrollments and the changing government restrictions created significant HR planning challenges. Research this and briefly describe the situation and solutions to your colleagues. Was this a HR planning success or fail in your opinion? Why or why not?
Aviation industry labour shortage, then surplus: in 2018, there was a lot of news about a labour shortage of pilots in the aviation industry in Canada, caused by retirements, industry growth and barriers to recruiting new workers. However, in 2020, Covid-19 brought the aviation industry to a halt. Pilots were laid in masses. Do you think that aviation companies should continue to respond to the previous labour shortage through investmentin training and other options? What options could be realistically implemented to react to this shortage then this surplus?
Learning more about a career for you: Using the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) website, find the National Occupational Classification (NOC) job descriptions for the job you might be interested in. How does the information provided about the job help you determine if this is a good job for you? How might you use this information in your job search efforts (specifically for you?)
Best HR planning tools for today: As the pandemic and associated recovery take place, HR planners need to stretch their ability and use of various HR planning tools (for both supply assessment and demand assessment). Pick an environment of your choice (a grocery store, a restaurant, a university) and explain what method/tool you think is best suited for predicting supply and demand for this environment in the next 1-3 years and why.
Chapter 6Hiring seasonal workers: Amazon in Ottawa was aiming to hire 100,000 employees in Fall 2020 for their processing and delivery centres in Canada and the US. A lot of these were seasonal jobs or temporary jobs, What recruitment technique or mix of recruitment techniques would you recommend? Be clear as to your reasoning for this.
Future job search efforts: How does the information that you learned in this chapter help you approach your job search efforts that? Be specific about the jobs that you might be interested in and tools that you can use.
Past job search efforts: In your current or past job search efforts, which recruitment tool have you been exposed to (e.g. blind ads, internships, agency recruiters, etc.). Be specific. For example, don’t say online application, tell us what site you use(d) and what info was needed. Tell us what support you had as well and if/how you learned about the company. What did you learn from your exposure to the specific tools? For example, were they effective? Did you find them useful as a job search tool for that specific position?
Effectiveness of recruitment ads: Go to indeed.ca and find an advertisement for a job that you might be interested in applying for when you graduate. Copy and paste the ad to a word document and attach it to the post when you initiate this discussion. Evaluate the information in the ad against the recommendations in the textbook around what a job posting should include. Also discuss if and how the job ad assists with employer branding.
Virtual Interviews: Have you ever been an interviewee or interviewer in a virtual interview? With Covid-19 restrictions, companies had to move to virtual recruitment and interviews. However, both employees and employers had limited experience with how to effectively run and evaluate virtual interviews. A recent article in conversation Canada shed light on how to ace virtual interviews. (see: https://theconversation.com/how-to-land-a-job-when-companies-have-shifted-to-virtual-hiring-144997) Based on the readings in the course, the conversation canada piece and your experience, guide your colleagues on how to effectively partake in virtual interviews (as either the employer, employee or both).
Chapter 7Selection biases: Reflecting on some of your own experiences as a job search candidates or as a candidate for a position on any team or volunteer efforts that you’ve been involved with, what kind of selection biases did you encounter? Do you think that the selection agent was aware of those biases? Why or why not? How do you think those biases impacted the selection decision?
Random Job References: Do a YouTube search for “Faking an employment reference”. You will find videos of media (e.g. Hit Network Hamish and Andy, CityTv etc) where they found people willing to provide fake references for strangers. Include a link to the YouTube video and a quick summary for your discussion group of what happened. Think about this perspective from an employer. What challenges does this present for employers? How do reference checks even add value? How can we (employers or HR departments) ensure that the reference checks are valid and reliable, given what you have seen in these videos?
Lying on resumes: Since CV/resumes are commonly the first thing screened during the selection process, research what types of lies people often tell on resumes. What does the research tell you about how valid resumes are as selection tools?
use the format below:(use the header to separate different parts) Current situationTell the reader about the situation accurately and with enough information that they can understand it clearly
Demonstrate your subject matter expertise
Link to HRHighlight aspects of this is related to the required readings
Demonstrate the link to HR ideas, literature, theory, practice, etc.
Deeper DiveExplore the topic in a more complex way, focused on some of the contradictions, implication, implicit biases, impact, inconsistencies, timeliness etc. of the issue you have presented
Demonstrate your ability to think about the topic in an advanced way.
Conversation starterProvide some questions to your reader to start the conversation about the topic
Demonstrate your ability to lead the conversation.
Requirements: 500 words   |   .doc file

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