“Thinking Like an Economist and Better: Employment, GDP and Externalities”

As individuals the class will be given a series of Fermi problems, or what I call Fermi thought
experiments, as well as photographic essays or puzzles to stimulate and tease out the economic policy
gray-matter in all of us.
“Thinking Like an Economist and Better: Employment, GDP
and Externalities” is the theme for this writing assignment.
Please put ourselves as an agent, supervisor or economist and talking about the economic issue in a public sector view.
plan on 3 pages, and please use single space with 11 or 12 point type. With a space between paragraphs. Feel free to add a graphic or illustration. And use subtitles as you can, although using your own preferred phrases, generally following the format below:
The circumstance
The context
The logic
Again, include at least one interview, perhaps even two. And provide three references with links as a foundation for your recommendations. In this last regard, I am looking, not for final solutions; rather, I am looking for your suggested steps that will help the Department of Commerce get out well ahead of the curve.
Although I am not sure this is helpful or not, the professor had posted the scriipt of David Chang video, and he put some notes in the scriipt, hopefully that could give you an idea to write.
Thank you very much!

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