the protective role of perceived family support in late adulthood

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english multi-part question and need support to help me learn.Write 100-300 words summary for each article (Annotated bibliographies). THERE ARE A TOTAL OF 5 ARTICLES DUE BY 11:30 PM CENTRAL TIME US.EXAMPLE (DO NOT USE)…Summary: The Article “Emotional experience with dyslexia and self-esteem: the protective role of perceived family support in late adulthood” written by Lena W. Carawan, Blance A. Nalavany and Carol Jenkins takes a look at the effects of supporting family structures on the emotional well-being of elderly adults with dyslexia. Carawan begins with underscoring the large group of Americans with dyslexia and the absence of studies with adults determining the emotional affects beyond childhood. Then the team says adults with dyslexia had different stresses that accompany ageing that cause depression, anxiety, and insecurities in a social construct education with high status. Next Carawan states adults with dyslexia have higher levels of self-confidence when the feel supported by family and friends. Then while reviewing results of the study informing the researchers, it is shown that the more supportive a family is helps to creates a shield against pessimism and low self-identity through adulthood. Carawan conclude dyslexia can be an increased element of danger for well-being as people age due to the loss of family members they had relied on, if the dyslexic senior has not developed a strategy for overcoming challenges. The team cautions elder care workers will need to be educated on the personal struggles of elderly dyslexic patients, and their spouses or other family members providing support. Finally, Carawan reiterate the need for supporting families to increase self-confidence and lower risks for depression and anxiety, continuing into old age with caregivers. Showing the lasting effects of dyslexia throughout all life stages and how it touches many aspects outside of the scope of writing and reading is valuable in understanding how to cope with a dyslexic mind. Each generation was exposed to a different way of handling dyslexia, all the way from the complete denial of the past to the current evolving more open ideas. Each generation differing experiences will need to be taken into account to support them in the best way this study begins to shed light on that need.
Requirements: 100 words each article   |   .doc file

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