The Crisis of Femininity

Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Your reflection/response essay should cover the course material You do NOT need to include footnotes or bibliography, and you should NOT insert long quotes from the readings in your essay. Instead, paraphrase the author’s ideas and indicate your source by using this format: e.g. (author’s last name, page# ) => (Dooling, 12) or (Yuan, 32).The burden is on YOU to demonstrate that you have fully absorbed the course material and grasped the discussion topics as well as the complex ethical issues raised by the readings. The more your essay demonstrates that ability, the better chances of scoring the highest points (review the rubrics carefully).Format: Minimum 550/maximum 650 words, double-spaced, word count MUST be added at the end of essay.Task: focus on the discussion topic of either week 3 : Into the “Modern” Period: Republican China and Writing Women or week 4 : The Crisis of Femininity: From the “Woman Questions” to the “New Woman” and explain what it means, and especially what the complex ethical issues are with regard to each topic. Then use 2-3 examples from the stories to illustrate your claims/points.
Requirements: 550-650

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