state your reflection on the following paragraphs

Please state your reflection on the following paragraphs:
please give at least a 15 sentence response. ty
The main reason non-Natives traveled west was for land. Due to the Homestead Act male citizens could claim federally owned land and make improvements on it, farming, digging wells, making houses etc, and after 5 years of living on the land could apply for the deed to the title to officially own the land. Additionally many went out west for the supposed “profits” silver and gold for instance and the hide of the bison that lived on the plains. The U.S. govenernment played a major rold in the removal of Native people from their lands. At first treaties were used to try to persuade the Natives to leave, then more forceful measures by way of the U.S. military, but more so was the impact the U.S. governement had on the economy. The white settlers came in such high numbers the land could not sustain the people, and many Natives were no longer able to hunt, and were pushed to the point of starvation. Given little choice but to leave and comply in order to survive. The myth of the “Wild West” portrayed the U.S. governments tactics to push Native peoples from their lands strictly by bloodshed and force. It was widely believed that brutality by means of force and murder were the sole cause of Native peoples either leaving or giving up their lands to the settlers. While this is not altogether fabricated as there were of course instances of battles between the white settlers and the Native peoples, this was not the main driving force that lead to them succombing to the settlers. The shows and dime novels with their graphic images, and gun fights as “good” vs “evil” made it easier for people to believe and promote this false recounting of what occurred.

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