share with your colleagues how you prefer to be led to bring out the best in you.

Page eight (8) in Hirsh and Kummerow’s (1998) Introduction to Type and Organizations explains the four temperaments or “activity patterns” of “type.” Temperaments give us an understanding of a person’s preferred way to lead or to be led. Using the table on p. 8 and your specific type page (10-25) in Hirsh and Kummerow (1998), share with your colleagues how you prefer to be led to bring out the best in you.
An important part of this week’s grade will be derived from the quality and depth of your posts in the Discussion Board. The professor will post an original question based on an aspect of the course content and/or its application; each student will be expected to post a response to that original prompt. Great discussion posts will:
Include a minimum of five sentences and 250-500 words
Make reference to the required readings and lectures using APA citations

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