Respond to this persons discussion post No more than 100 words

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.(Victoria Sanabria)The firing of former prosecutor Chris Dickinson was not a good look for Snohomish County, Prosecutors are expected to uphold the law, for him to have accrued multiple charges. Prosecutorial misconduct is where a prosecutor … engages in conduct -including a patter or standard, either with intent to do so or with conscious disregard of doing so, and where there is no good-faith reason for having done so (SAGE page 3). Chris Dickinson was a servant of the law for 29 years before he was terminated by Snohomish County Prosecutors office. While he was charged with a DUI and with assault in the fourth degree (with sexual motivation) the implications will bring shame to that department. Being that the incident took place after a legal conference, which was probably paid with taxpayers’ money, the lack of ethics and questionable incidences that ultimately led to his Chris Dickinson to his termination. Mark Roe who is the Snohomish County Newly elected prosecutor may have to determine who else may have been involved within his department, due to several deputies being involved. I do not believe the “blue wall of silence “occurred in this situation due to Chris Dickenson being arrested for a DUI while he was picking up his girl friend who was also jailed for operating a boat under the influence. Another Junior Prosecutor was reprimanded as well for taking a picture of Chris Dickinson girlfriend who was topless, she is also a Snohomish County Juvenile court employee. There needs to be a through investigation conducted, servants of the court are upheld to a higher standard. An example that directly correlates to this are people that join the military. When a person transitions from a civilian to a Soldier. A soldier takes an oath which is to uphold the Constitution of United States, so when a Soldier violates that Oath, they are held accountable. That same type of morals may apply to law professionals as well. Mark Row was right in stating “… probably my worst week as a prosecutor” because internally it may have caused chaos in the office and morale in the internal people that may work there and externally with the public opinion and publicity it may have caused problems.Respond to this persons discussion post No more than 100 words
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