Provide a detailed description of what crime they committed which got them arrested in the first place.

Within each state, there is any number of high-profile inmates that have been incarcerated. Details of these inmates can provide insight into how the system functions. In this checkpoint, you will research an individual inmate within your chosen state. Describe their experience through the prison system in your state and any key details you can find.
Choose an individual from any prison within your state of choice and provide an in-depth study of these individuals.
Provide a detailed descriiption of what crime they committed which got them arrested in the first place. How were they caught? What happened at their trials? How long were their sentences? How much time did they serve? Did anything happen to them while they served their sentence? What happened to them regarding their release? Were they ever released or are they still incarcerated?
Submit to this assignment dropbox.
Be specific and thorough in your answers citing evidence from your research. Citations must be made in APA format.

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