One could argue that Dickenson was off duty but the problem remains do prosecutorial misconduct only occur in the court process?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Monya’ Smith Ethical Issues in Criminal JusticeCRJ-530-MCOL2Dr. MettsThis week’s discussion response is going to be focused on the misconduct of prosecutors and prosecutorial misconduct. The source for this week’s discussion comes from an article provided by K5 News. Prosecutorial misconduct is an inescapable issue in America. Unethical conduct by prosecutors has been a known repeating issue for quite some time and just keeps on deteriorating. Chris Dickenson a former deputy prosecutor of 29 years was fired after driving under the influence. At the time that Dickenson was apprehended his blood alcohol level was 0.15. This means Dickenson was almost twice over the legal drinking limit, in other words, Dickenson was driving drunk. Dickenson also has allegations of sexual misconduct. All of this occurred within a month. One could argue that Dickenson was off duty but the problem remains do prosecutorial misconduct only occur in the court process?When defining prosecutorial misconduct there isn’t one solid definition.Prosecutorial misconduct is when a prosecutor alludes to illicit. Prosecutorial misconduct always leads back to the court process. There are many types of prosecutorial misconduct but only four are ever discussed. These four are failing to disclose exculpatory evidence, introducing false evidence, using improper arguments, and discriminating in jury selection. As stated above one could argue that Dickenson was off duty, especially since everything that relates to prosecutorial misconduct applies to the court process. With hardly any information on ethics and how it affects prosecutorial misconduct outside of the courtroom, it’s difficult to say that Dickenson violated prosecutorial misconduct. If there was a concrete definition of ethics in prosecutorial misconduct there would be no grey areas when discussing Dickenson’s case. Due to the power they employ, prosecutors need to be held to severe principles and expert ethics. There should be a requirement for ethical training both in and out of the courtroom when it comes to any kind of misconduct in the judicial branch. Overall, even though the deputies were off duty there need to be boundaries set. The only way these boundaries are going to be set and taken seriously is with ethical training and consequences. When discussing ethics police officers shouldn’t be the only agency that has consequences for abusing their authority. One consequence for Dickenson was getting arrested and getting fired after almost 30 years of service. Their behavior was Irresponsible and could have killed someone. This is why ethical training should be a requirement regardless of your career path. Respond to this persons discussion No more than 100 words
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