nalyze how you can help spread the new organizational messages using digital technologies

Imagine the online university you work for was acquired by another university and there will be many changes that need to be communicated both internally and externally. The university will have a new name, new brand, it will move from being a private institution to being a public institution; and it will be “owned” by a university with a 150-year history and a mascot.
While the university is transitioning, you are tasked with assisting in the promotion of its new brand and image.
In this assignment, you will analyze how you can help spread the new organizational messages using digital technologies. Your analysis should consist of:
An examination of the digital technologies that would have the greatest impact for both internal and external customers. Provide specific examples.
A step-by-step plan to communicate the organizational message to internal and external customers.
A thorough review of how the message can impact internal and external customers.
Your paper should be 2–3 pages, along with a separate cover and reference page. Support your rationale with a minimum of two scholarly sources in APA format.

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