Matthew LemonisEthical Issues in Criminal JusticeCRJ-530-MCOL2Dr.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Matthew LemonisEthical Issues in Criminal JusticeCRJ-530-MCOL2Dr. MettsChris Dickenson, a deputy prosecutor was arrested for driving under the influence evidenced by a blood alcohol content reading that of almost twice the legal limit. Unfortunately for Mr. Dickenson, like in many cases of misconduct, this arrest led to the discovery of other issues surrounding the event of his DWI (Ignall 2018.) Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Officers require the same level of ethical and moral standards and are held to a higher standard, as they should be. Setting the example is a common saying amongst individuals in this type of work. Setting the example is not too mean that certain professions are higher than others from a societal hierarchical perspective. Rather than the nature of the responsibilities of such a profession requires stricter adherence to the laws in which it upholds. In the reviewed materials for this assignment, it is prevalent that Mr. Dickenson failed to remember that he is responsible for setting a moral and ethical example. It is apparent through his actions of driving under the influence and jeopardizing the health and safety of those he has taken office to protect as well as his respect for women. Alcohol incidents are an all too common reality, often from experience, alcohol incidents are just revealing the surface of an individual’s problems which can often be vaster. Hardship and fatigue are realities of being human, and even those that must uphold a higher standard of being are not exempt from stress, hardship, and overworked schedules. Prosecutors have one of the most important roles in the criminal justice system, they decide what cases warrant their prosecution efforts. Furthermore, they are given full access to all evidence that is ascertained from the investigation. It of course goes without saying that this power and authority does not come without a great deal of stress and responsibility. It is illogical to think that someone even in this position does not need time to decompress, however, the manner and means must not bring discredit or shame to the agency and needs to be handled responsibly. Furthermore, the implication of sexual misconduct is the factor that will lead to this individual downfall, as discussed in previous assignments, sexual misconduct is a violation of human rights and must have a strong zero-tolerance policy. Poor judgment in a position where judgment in the primary tool of duty will not be viewed well by the public. It is paramount that this prosecutor takes accountability for his actions and faces the consequences.Respond to this persons discussion No more than 100 words
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