Make a list of themes and issues that are most important in the “Brer Rabbit” story

This is not an essay. It has 3 parts and you need to do it all separately. These are links.
2. (video story)
Part One
Make a list of themes and issues that are most important in the “Brer Rabbit” story, and in the use of the term tar baby. This should be a fairly long list, and can include words as diverse as, underdog, trickster, food insecurity, metaphor, perception, etc
You should probably be able to generate maybe 30 or 40 words on your list. If you get stuck, go back through the readings again and as you read generate new words and ideas.
Once you have a healthy list, listen to the story one more time, by watching the following video:
Part Two
Choose three words from your list that represent various aspects of the debate over the term tar baby, as well as what you have read about key ideas about the myth itself.
For each of these words write 1-3 sentences about why you chose that word, and your analysis of the word as applied to the term tar baby, or to the “Brer Rabbit” myth.
Part Three
Using evidence, such as summaries or quotes from what you have read, explain to someone who is considering whether or not to use the term tar baby what key factors they should consider when making their decision. Finally, give that person advice about what you think they should do. If you believe the context or circumstances are relevant, you are welcome to make up a context.
Please post your writing from part two and part three.

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