1- Post by Maria Rivera
LGBTQ Is described as an acronym used to include diverse groups of people, including individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and those questioning their identity. LGBTQ is becoming more popular and gaining more support in recent years. For me, growing up during the nineties through early 2000’s, having classmates that were openly gay or lesbian was not quite common. I do not feel that it was as accepting then as it is today, and many students were faced with internal challenges, feelings of not being accepted and trying or pretending to be someone they truly were not. Although the LGBTQ community continues to face these same challenges today, there is more awareness and more support of others who are in similar situations as them.
Transgender students are described as those individuals who identify their gender differently than what was assigned to them at birth. These students face similar if not more challenges than those in the LGBTQ community. Everyone deserves the right to feel comfortable in their own skin. It is important for educators to be respectful, accept all their students for who they are and always remain professional. Teachers should educate themselves and find ways that encourage their students to do the same. It is also important for teachers to make themselves available to their students and provide additional support and resources they feel are appropriate and beneficial.
School connectedness is when students feel that their teachers and classmates genuinely care about their learning, wellbeing, and safety. Having a welcoming school community that focuses on building strong and positive relationships with our students and an environment where all feel safe is important. “Creating physically and emotionally safe classroom environments is particularly important in this age of tumult, where classroom lockdown drills, in response to widely publicized school shootings, are commonplace.” (Kauchak, Eggen, 2021, p. 53) This is so true to me personally working with students with special needs and watching them react to monthly lockdown drills. Seeing my students, without prompting, stop what they are doing, get up and follow the school’s lockdown procedure is amazing to watch yet sad that it must be done. Watching them and knowing they trust their teachers to keep them safe is rewarding yet eye-opening for educators to realize just how important their role is in their students’ lives. Growing up, I do not remember having to do lockdown drills but unfortunately to provide our students with the safest environment possible we must take all proper precautions relevant to today’s society.
Latchkey children are children who often find themselves unsupervised at home to fend for themselves before and or afterschool. These children face many challenges and often do not have the proper support from their parents which can lead to less success in their education. Today most parents must work full time and may not have the funds or knowledge of local programs and support available to provide their children with after-school supervision and homework help. “In addition to providing safe, supervised environments, these programs teach children how to respond to home emergencies, use the phone to seek help, make healthful snacks, and spend time wisely.” (Kauchak, Eggen, 2021, p. 42) It is important for school staff to make parents aware of available resources that can help them find care for their child that is not only appropriate but also beneficial to them in many ways.
2- Carl Drakes
LGBTQ: According to the book is a group of individuals who feel differently oriented, meaning they act or feel different other than how they are born. I believe that people have the rights to feel and do what they want once it doesn’t affect another person. To be very honest I don’t support the movement due to different reasons religious etc. but that does not mean that I will just go about disrespecting them or insult them if they ask a question. I really don’t like how they are treated regardless.
TRANSGENDERS: According to the eBook trans genders are those whose sense of sexual identity does not correspond with the gender assigned to them at birth. Meaning a person born female act or feel like she’s a male.
SCHOOL CONNECTEDNESS: Is the believe by students that adults teachers and their peer care about their learning as well as them as individuals. This is one of the best feelings a kid can have. Knowing that their feelings their growth as a young person is just as important as school.
LATCHKEY CHILDREN: is basically when a child returns home from school to an empty house. There are pros and cons to this. I haven’t heard of too many incidents where something happens to the child, but this doesn’t mean it’s safe. You never know what takes place at home and what kind of behavior is taken place when you are out. To the parents defense some of them struggle to make ends meet and therefore cannot afford a babysitter or someone who can supervise for them while they are absent.

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