is to free the staggering number of innocent people who remain incarcerated, and to bring reform to the system responsible for their unjust imprisonment

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.(kody farmer)In 2018, a deputy prosecutor, Chris Dickenson, was arrested for driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content of .15, almost twice the legal limit. He was promptly arrested, but that did not indicate the end of Dickenson’s legal troubles. He would continue to be scrutinized for several more vacuous decisions (Ignall 2018.) You are led to believe that those in law enforcement will protect you, and most of the time, you would be correct. This, however, was not the correct in the case of Chris Dickenson, a man who served as prosecutor in Snohomish County for over 29 years. Dickenson was at an event that hosted many other prosecutors and was then photographed with his companion, a separate court official, who was exposed and both of whom appeared to be very intoxicated. Though this was seen by many as distasteful, the breaking of the law came when Dickenson sexually assaulted a female by grabbing her breast. The act was unsolicited and unwelcomed. The truth of the matter is that prosecutors are able to escape justice in many circumstances for many different reasons. They range from honest mistakes because no one is perfect, to those “mistakes” that would directly exonerate those charged with the crime (Zack 2020). According to The Innocence Project, a non-profit organization whose mission statement reads, “is to free the staggering number of innocent people who remain incarcerated, and to bring reform to the system responsible for their unjust imprisonment,” the mistakes can be honest. Prosecutors are often overworked and under-staffed. However, there are also the situations in which the mistakes were either intentional or so over-looked, it is criminal. When these allegations are brought to light, it is often too late. The evidence is destroyed, the prosecutors have stopped practicing law for one reason or another, the wrongly accused die in prison, or witnesses are then unable to assist because they are not able to be found or have died off. When it is still able to be investigated, charges are difficult to stick because the position of prosecutor is one of the most powerful positions in America. They are the ones who decide whether to prosecute cases brought before them. They also have access to the evidence that is presented in the investigation. This, along with other prosecutor discretion on whether to proceed with the investigation makes this almost impossible. As a police officer, or officer of the court, you should be held to a higher standard. These are the people that the general public looks to when the law has been broken, but in turn are the ones who “break” the system that is supposed to hold people accountable. These issues could be corrected by creating another system of checks and balances or taking away some of the discretion that the prosecution’s office has on whether or not to file charges in cases where the prosecutor, or anyone in the law enforcement field, breaks the law. Respond to this persons discussion postNo more than 100 words
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