Impact of food consumption on health

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me learn.SPEECH 1-PUBLIC SPEAKINGOBJECTIVE: This speech is to inform the audience on a specific topic. Speaker is both a lecturer/teacher on a particular subject of interest. Topic isImpact of food consumption on health REQUIREMENTS: Follow outline format, typed outline, Times New Roman or Arial, size 12 font, 5-8 minutes, one note card, four or more sources must be stated within body of speech, 1-3 visual aid/s or presentation slides required, bibliography (separate page of your four sources), videotape (permitting).TITLE: INTRODUCTION:ATTENTION GETTER: IMPORTANCE OF SPEECH: CENTRAL THEME: MAIN POINT I:MAIN POINT II: *MAIN POINT III: EXPERTISE/CREDIBILITY: EXPECTATION OF SPEECH: TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE: MAIN POINT I: SUB-POINT 1: SUPPORT A:SUPPORT B:SUPPORT C: (VISUAL AID/SOURCE): SUB-POINT 2: SUPPORT A: SUPPORT B: SUPPORT C: (VISUAL AID/SOURCE)TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE:MAIN POINT II: SUB-POINT 1: SUPPORT A:SUPPORT B: SUPPORT C: (VISUAL AID/SOURCE)SUB-POINT 2:SUPPORT A:SUPPORT BSUPPORT C: (VISUAL AID/SOURCE)TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE*MAIN POINT III: (FOLLOW ABOVE FORMAT)SUB-POINT 1:SUPPORT A:SUPPORT B: SUB-POINT 2:SUPPORT A:SUPPORT B:SUPPORT C: (VISUAL AID/SOURCE)TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE:CONCLUSION:ATTENTION GETTER: (DIFFERENT THAN INTRODUCTION)RESTATE IMPORTANCE OF SPEECHRESTATE CENTRAL THESIS:RESTATE MAIN POINT I:RESTATE MAIN POINT II:*RESTATE MAIN POINT III:RESTATE EXPECTATION OF SPEECHRequirements: I need you to write outline in this format and send me the paper which I can read out directly in my 5-8 mins speech
Requirements: need you to write outline in this format and send me the paper which I can read out directly in my 5-8 mins speech   |   .doc file

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