How does the transformational leadership style apply here?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need guidance to help me learn.Paper instructions W5: DQ #1 – TeamworkSometimes, leaders will make changes to team structure and policies. Reasons for this are varied, but usually are driven by the desire to provide better service to customers. Read the Leadership Case Problem A on page 245 of our text. Ashley made a response to George and Roz. What are some reasons this response was NOT helpful? Name two things Ashley could do differently to improve her team’s functioning.W5: DQ #2 – Coaching for ImprovementCoaching for improvement is an important skill for a leader to possess. It can lead to better team functioning. How does the transformational leadership style apply here? Name two ways you would coach a person to improvement.ISBN13: 978-0-357-04249-6LEADERSHIP THEORY300 words MLA
Requirements: 300

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