How does Dr. Blee’s position come through in the chapter?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology writing question and need support to help me learn.You have already read and discussed, the Introduction chapter from Inside Organized Racsim, by Kathleen Blee. Discuss the idea of position/positionality; and emic and etic. Define the meanings of these terms. How does Dr. Blee’s position come through in the chapter? How are the concepts of emic and etic illustrated in the chapter? Use specific examples with quotes and citations APA style. You may also include other concepts that have been presented so far in the course.Form an argument defend your position by using Dr. Blee’s chapter, course material including textbook chapters and lectures. Be sure to follow the directions below – including page length requirement. You will write a paper regarding this topic following the guidelines below:Position Paper (Essay) RequirementsTake care to turn the paper in before the deadline (based on Central Standard Time), failure to do so will result in your inability to turn it in at all, any paper turned in after the precise deadline will be rejected by the system and you will receive a zero for the paper, no exemptions to this policy. I get excuses like: “I turned it in one minute after the deadline.” Pay attention to the deadlines and turn in your assignments with plenty of time to spare. If you are a student who waits until the last evening to turn in assignments, you will not do well in this course.
Paper is at least 5 pages in length. Paper will contain sub-headings for each part of the paper, e.g. Introduction, different topic areas, and Conclusion.
This paper must be written in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced. No other format is acceptable.
You must include all the elements required in the introduction (if you don’t know what is required in an introduction, please check with a writing resource book). The introduction provides a MAP of the paper; it tells the reader exactly what will be accomplished in the paper. It contains your thesis statement, (your position, your argument), what concepts or perspectives you will use to explain behaviors, it presents the important issues you will analyze and exactly how you will do so. It presents a brief statement about the evidence you will use to support your argument.
The purpose of this assignment is to illustrate that you have command of the introductory, anthropological course material presented in the text, readings, films and lectures. You will read a controversial topic and write a position paper using the guidelines below. You will take a strong, overt position in the Introduction. You will tell me just how you will go about making your argument and exactly what evidence you will use to support the argument. You will state what the conclusion will be.
You will illustrate your command of the material in this course by being able to take a position and support it with appropriate evidence, which utilizes information from your texts and other course materials. You may use three external academic/scholarly anthropology sources (academic books, journal articles, etc.) in addition to the course textbook, which should be included in a References Cited page. Popular websites, Wikipedia, and other similar sources are not acceptable.
Content: Strong, clear, overt position/thesis statement in the Introduction.
Statement of purpose in the introduction e.g. “in this paper I will argue”.
Content guide/map in the introduction. You will state exactly how you will prove your thesis, which evidence you will provide to support your argument for example: “I will look at laws, culture and religion.” Therefore, there should be headings on each one of these topics, in the exact order in which you write them in the introduction.
The position is supported with appropriate, strong and sufficient evidence from the text and at least three, outside, academic materials from scholarly books or journal articles. Other, non-academic sources will be accepted along with the required academic sources.
You must try to illustrate an understanding of the topic/issue from an anthropological perspective. You can only do this with making connections to the appropriate material in the text, lectures, films, etc…
There should be appropriate and sufficient explanation/analysis of topic/issue, which utilizes or integrates course materials (texts, lectures, films, etc.).
The paper includes strong evidence from course materials: lectures, text, films or other readings that support the position. If your position is the opposite of what the majority of anthropologists argue, you must supply, not only evidence for your argument from academic sources, but evidence from anthropological sources as well (even though they do not support your position).
The integration of textual and other course material is a requirement, without which, you cannot get a satisfactory grade for the assignment.
There is an appropriate citation form (with in-text citations, ABSOLUTELY NO FOOTNOTES OR ENDNOTES ALLOWED). APA or Chicago manual of style is acceptable (Just follow the style in the text’s References Cited section.)
There is a strong conclusion supported by the evidence supplied in the essay.
Paper is at least 5 pages in length (not counting the Cover Page (if you have one) or the References Cited page).
Remember that this is an academic paper!
Writing an Essay: Style/FormAppropriate Title.
Distinct Introduction with all the requirements for an essay.
Page Numbers.
Headings, which help organize the material.
Transitional sentences at the end of each paragraph.
Appropriate topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph.
No third person pronouns. First person only, e.g., “in this paper I will argue.” NOT: This author will argue.
Paper is well organized, topics flow from one paragraph to another.
Paper should have no writing/composition problems, e.g. Typos
Verb tenses
If the paper looks as though it was written in haste without editing, it is considered a DRAFT. (No paper will receive a satisfactory/average grade if it is a draft).
Requirements: 5 page paper with a citation page

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