Explain the psychological concept in your own words.

1) Introductory paragraph (Paragraph 1)
Indicate which article you read and highlight the general argument of your paper. It is ok
if you don’t have a traditional thesis statement, but you do need to give us a sense of what
you will be talking about. Tell us which two psychological concepts you will discuss
(see below for more on this). The intro paragraph should be SHORT. No more than
three or four sentences.
2) Analysis.(Paragraphs 2 and 3)
You will discuss TWO psychological concepts in your paper and tie each to examples
from the article showing how your understanding of psychological concepts adds to your
understanding of the paper you read. You will probably have one paragraph for each
psychological concept. Your analysis will show that you understand the concepts and can
meaningfully apply them to examples from the article. In addition to the information
below, see the grading rubric for details.
Each analysis paragraph should focus in on one concept and MUST include the
A. Explain the psychological concept in your own words. Cite the textbook or lecture
as appropriate. DO NOT QUOTE the textbook.
B. Briefly explain a related example from the article. This might be an experiment, a
case study. or some other aspect of the article. Describe it briefly, in your own words.
Cite the article appropriately. DO NOT QUOTE the article. SEE BELOW FOR WHAT
C. Make a clear connection. Explain how the psychological concept relates to and/or
sheds light on the example from the article. Assume it is not obvious and explain the
connection fully and in depth.
3) Conclusion (Paragraph 4)
A. Summarize your main point(s)
B. Extension:
a. Consider the bigger picture and suggest how these concepts might apply in a
broader/real world context. Generally speaking, these thoughts will be very
speculative and should be brief.
b. Include a very brief personal anecdote (no more than 2 sentences) that relates
to what you read in the article. Be sure to connect it back to the theory/concepts
you have discussed.
Concepts from the classes are :
Top-down and bottom-up processing
Stage 1 / stage 2 processing
“What” and “Where” pathways
neural communication
signal detection theory
localization of brain function
global workspace model
change blindness
I have attached an article for the essay.

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