Do you feel that a genetic predisposition (things we will be discussing in more depth soon in the course) could be overcome by our experiences

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Jasinia’s post….: From the knowledge I have gained about person vs trait in the power point,and reading the article “How your personality shine through”, I am going to say I believe the situation is more important in determining how someone behaves. In the power point, It does say ” trait lack consistency across situations”. I strongly follow by this because I naturally am an aggressive person but how I handle an aggressive situation at work with the patients is going to be totally different than how I handle an aggressive situation at a super market. I believe the saying ” there is a place and time for everything” plays apart in this as well because hold you may handle a certain situation with one individual might not the same way you’ll help it with a different person. I think that most people who play “victim” are going to agree with the 3rd situationist argument because when feelings get hurt or whatever the case may be, no one wants to take the situation the person was people in and instead just saying the person was over reacting or acted in the wrong manner. I don’t think people wake up in the morning and say ” let me go find a situation to match my personality” so I do highly believe people do it unconsciously. People might get an exciting feeling ( release of dopamine) when encountering situations that match their personality traits unknowingly. For example, I do not get up anticipating to argue with someone but if it just so happens that an argument arises, I am all for it because I feel like I will win with the information I might have. Now, that’s the negative side of things. A person might just so happen to be an outgoing person and engage and outgoing events, consciously. putting themselves in a situation that matches their personality. That brings me back to how there is a time and place for everything.In the 2nd article, the first sentence, ” The genetic make up of a child is a stronger influence on personality then child rearing” caught my attention. I, for sure thought the the environment, in which a child was in, influenced they’re behavior. Further in the article, it says how if the parents have a timid child and they try to protect that child and coddle them then the child will remain timid until you put them in situations to overcome the timidity. I do think in SOME cases genetic pre-dispositions can be overcome by experiences. Referring back to the timid situation, I believe this came be overcame if a child was constantly put in social situations where there would be no room to be shy. So it would be using the environmental experience to try and change an already existing trait of a child. ——> Jason’s post…..:1)Do you feel that the trait, or the situation is more important in determining how a person behaves (and while yes, both are important, for this question pick which side you feel is most important)? Explain why you feel this way using evidence from the reading and/or outside sources to support your opinion.I feel that the situation is more important than the trait. Emotions all start somewhere and depending on what the situation was can intensify how the person acts. For example, having to deal with a certain situation has the opportunity to mold someone into having an aggressive trait. This may happen in young children when they are very impressionable.2)Based on the article from question 1, do you feel that people are consciously aware that they are going into situations that match/favor their personality style, or do you think they unconsciously choose those situations? Explain. Support your viewpoint with evidence from the reading and/or outside sources.I feel that when situations are obviously getting more aggressive then people will do what they’re comfortable with. If there are aggressive people around, then they will have no second thought about being aggressive. Whereas someone who is a little more timid and laid back might “stay out of it”. What I mean by this is that they just don’t need to argue with anyone. It may slow there day down but an aggressive person may find that there day is fulfilled because of it.3)Are the results presented in the 2nd article surprising to you? Why or why not? Do you feel that a genetic predisposition (things we will be discussing in more depth soon in the course) could be overcome by our experiences? Explain your response using evidence from the readings/weekly notes to support your opinion.Yes, the results were surprising to me. I feel that genetic predisposition can be overcome. It may be a harder hill to climb if you have issues within you genes. If you work hard at anything there’s a better chance that you’ll get what you want than not doing anything at all. I’m a firm believer anything is possible!
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