develop a fresh ecological consciousness

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Blake, Emerson, and Blackwood offer provocative perspectives on the mysteries and influences nature has on our self-actualization. Whether through ontological, spiritual, or deeply subjective inquiries, these authors inspire us to confront the sublimity of nature in order to substantiate a greater appreciation of life outside of our own and our symbiotic relationship to it.For this research project, I would like you to examine the work(s) that most inspired you to seek, appreciate, and reinterpret the natural world that remains our most primordial influence. That is, I would like you to compile primary and secondary sources to construct insightful connections between our texts and research to develop a fresh ecological consciousness that aims to assert why nature may be able to teach us more about what it means to be human than we can ourselves. Tenants: Essay & Research ConventionsMLA Format10-12 Pages including analysis of our primary sources (Author/s) and 4-6 secondary resources (databases, online articles, videos, etc.)Pasted below are samples of a research paper. These are primarily useful for guidance and reference for the type of writing we will be attempting. In these examples you will see how to engage with primary text and utilize source material within the current MLA conventions. Your overall grade will reflect your effort in offering your own unique academic voice:
Requirements: Answer in complete sentences

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