describe the term as a “lack of specificity”

Learning Goal: I’m working on a philosophy discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.I need one response for each of these discussion posts, just 1 paragraph responding to what my 2 of my classmates posted for our weekly discussionthis is the first discussion:Vagueness, ambiguity, and generality are used in politics or law because it allows the speaker to make vague, ambiguous, or general comments. This in turn allows the ability to manipulate the public.In our nursing careers, we’ve seen the use of vagueness and ambiguity in medical procedures can lead to errors and misinterpretation of what’s happening. Some doctors have a specific way of explaining what to do, but sometimes, nurses can get confused. For instance, we often ask patients about their habits and how much they smoke. Some patients might not be comfortable with saying exactly how much smoke. So, they ballpark it, making it difficult for us to have a complete assessment of the patient. Uncertainty diminishes the opportunity for meaningful between nurses and other people. A current event that demonstrates the use of vagueness, ambiguity and generality may be the mask mandate at public gatherings such as football games. We have seen how the lack of mask use was widespread at the game this past weekend. When events like this occur, it is difficult to enforce.Reference: is the second one:Hello class! For this week, we read about vagueness, ambiguity, and generality. In order to explore further how these are used in politics or law, we need to define these terms. According to Moore & Parker (2020), “a word or phrase is vague if we cannot say with certainty what it includes or excludes” (p.74). Whenever describing a characteristic of an individual, such as beauty, there is no clear understanding that description applies to them. However, in politics, vagueness is used not to give a pinpoint answer regarding specific topics. To give a personal example, when I ran for President in student government, I sometimes gave vague answers to questions I did not complete information on the topic. Giving vague answers help politicians answer on topics that could apply to any individual and are not specific to others. This vagueness helps politicians achieve the desired outcome to become relatable with others and not exclude most individuals. The constitution is also considered vague for the sole purpose of an open determination by the courts. For example, the First Amendment grants freedom concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. Multiple court cases such as Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969) and Cohen v. California (1971) expand on the vagueness in the First Amendment and utilize the due process to find clarity in the law.The next term defined by Moore & Parker (2020) is ambiguity, which is “a word, phrase, or sentence … that has more than one meaning” (p.76). An example of this could be describing someone as hot. For some people, this means the individual is attractive, but this could refer to a person’s body temperature for someone in a healthcare setting. Being ambiguous in a healthcare setting could delay care or confuse patients by utilizing abbreviations. As a personal example, a new nurse from a medical unit called the ER because they wrote “HI” as the diagnosis for a patient. In our emergency room, we utilize abbreviations such as “HI” for patients expressing homicidal ideation; however, other units and nurses from other hospitals might not recognize this terminology. This type of ambiguity caused confusion and a little laughter between departments. In law, ambiguity is shown in words such as “rights” and “freedom,” especially for those in LGBTQ+ communities or immigration. An example of this was seen recently in the court case of Bostok vs. Clayton County (2020), where an employer is not allowed to terminate an employee for being gay or transgender. Here we can see LGBTQ+ rights favored treating those who identify, as equal. However, for others, these rights could be considered granting additional or special rights, which they would want to prevent.The final term defined is a generality, which Moore & Parker (2020) describe the term as a “lack of specificity” (p.79). Generality is similar to being vague or ambiguous, which would cause similar confusion. In the Emergency Room, we see many patients with broken arms or legs, which would call for many splints. However, if a medical provider asks to create a splint for someone’s arm, they are vague and general. In order to complete this task, I would need to precisely know what splint the provider would want and not be guessing which one to create for the patient. This statement could cause a delay in care and possibly, create a splint not suited for the patient’s recovery. The First Amendment is also very general to refer back to the constitution. The First Amendment is very general for the courts to decide which specific situations fall under the law and which ones break the law. References Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, 140 S. Ct. 1731, 590 U.S., 207 L. Ed. 2d 218 (2020).they’re a bit long but all you have to do is respond to what they’re saying for example “great topic choice! i particularly enjoyed ….. because …..” responses like that. doesn’t need to be longer than a paragraph (4-7 sentences) each. they are two separate ones so please keep both answers separate from each other, label them as discussion response 1 for the first one and discussion response 2 for the second one. thank you!!!
Requirements: 2 paragraphs

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