Describe how your audience interacts with this problem or issue.

Part Two: Peer Feedback (Due Sunday)
Introductions are intended to provide the audience with the necessary context they need in order to accept an argument. Thinking as the writer’s audience–which should be obvious from their writing—offer feedback on a classmate’s introduction using these prompts:
• In your own words, restate the writer’s position. Does it seem attractive to the audience?
• Indicate the ways the writer made the position attractive to the audience.
• List some ways the writer can make the position more attractive to the audience.
• Suggest one way that the writer can make their issue or position more narrow.
• Suggest one concrete way the introduction can be more specific (and, therefore, less general).
• Suggest one concrete way in which the thesis statement can be more complex.
Writer’s Position:
Morgan Nagle
TuesdayFeb 1 at 10:49am
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• Describe how you interact with the problem or issue on which you’ll be taking a stance. Perhaps tell a personal story. How does this problem or issue affect you?
I have lived with the issue of journalism being seen very poorly or “fake” for many years now. Many comments made towards me were not from important individuals that would allow it to really effect me, but when I began an internship as the only communications intern among multiple engineering interns, I started to get down on myself on the importance of my role and knowledge. I had been told, to my face, that “modern journalism is a joke,” and it didn’t sit well with me seeing that it was said in front of my boss and there was agreeance instead of creating a line of professionalism. I work in a conservative, male heavy, corporate company that is contracted through the U.S. Government, so I knew there would be politics involved, but didn’t think there would be people to go out of their way to belittle me because of who I am and what I do.
• Think about who needs to accept your point of view, or at least understand that your position is a valid and acceptable point of view. This will be your audience.
The audience who needs to accept my point of view is those that believe that journalism is not needed or is “corrupted.” This will strongly consist of conservatives.
• Describe how your audience interacts with this problem or issue. How does it affect your audience in a slightly different or similar way?
The audience interacts with this problem very negatively, we’ve even seen some extremes that many believe they deserve to be in prison or have wished death onto journalists. What is crazy is, some of them are also the one’s on social media platforms asking for the latest facts on a certain disaster or event that will be reported by journalists. Why are you seeking our information for only certain things and believe us then but not all the time?
• Think about what kind of rhetorical appeal—ethos, pathos, logos—might move your audience to accept your point of view. Using the appeal that might resonate best with your audience, tell them why they should accept your point of view.
I think the most influential rhetorical appeal will be ethos because it will take an abundance of credible information to even slightly persuade that audience, as my own knowledge doesn’t cut it for most. Pathos has only worked to let those individuals pity me, not understand me. I don’t want the audience to pity me or what I have experienced, I want them to understand what I am saying and trust it as well. Logos will be useful to build up the supporting arguments as well.
• Craft a thesis statement. This is your central claim—your position. Think of your best reason for your position. It might be helpful if you use this skeleton for your thesis statement: “(Position) because (good reason).”
Journalism is based on ethics and freedom of speech and is not “fake” or “corrupted.”
After you have answered all the questions, compose a draft of an introduction paragraph for your Assignment 2 essay. Submit that paragraph in this forum.
The United States has relied heavily on journalism to have all of the facts on events locally and around the world that can have some kind of impact on their lives: whether it is a positive or a negative one. When a viewer forms an opinion about a certain media or news outlet, it can cause a snowball effect of opinions and emotions. Although they may be feeling this way, journalism is based on ethics and freedom of speech and is not “fake” or “corrupted.” The most important factor to keep in mind is just because you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit your views/opinions, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true or shouldn’t be reported on. Journalists risk their lives in natural disasters, terrorist events, etc. to report everything they can for others, and many don’t get paid enough to risk their life. So, keep that in mind as you’re saying what they are doing isn’t real; it’s as real as it gets.

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