describe an original social dilemma you observe in the real world

Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics writing question and need support to help me learn.For this writing assignment, describe an original social dilemma you observe in the real world — i.e. a situation in which no one has an incentive to change what they’re doing, but everyone would be better off if everyone changed what they were doing. Avoid using examples discussed in class or in the text. Try to create two tables to present your dilemma as a 2×2 game. Your first table should be descriptive, similar to Figure 4.1 in the text. Your second table should be a payoff matrix showing the payoffs for both players in each of the four situations, similar to Figure 4.2a. Using your payoff matrix, describe the Nash equilibrium and the mutually preferred outcome.This discussion post provides your a space to experiment with ideas for your Social dilemma essay. Since we will be covering this topic as the week progresses, don’t worry about your idea being a perfect fit – you can develop your ideas or pick a new dilemma after discussing it with your classmates this week. Your focus now should be identifying real world situations as social dilemmas.Provide a couple of your peers with constructive feedback. Have they identified a social dilemma? If so, how can it be represented as a two-by-two game like the examples in class? This discussions will culminate in recitation where you have an opportunity to continue the conversation face-to-face with your classmates and your teaching assistant.
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