Create a one-to-two-page memo

Create a one-to-two-page memo that discusses why the work you will do for the Sales Proposal and White Paper assignments will be worthwhile to you. Your memo should include all the Parts of a Memo (Links to an external site.), including the heading, opening, context, task, summary, discussion, closing, and necessary attachments segments. Your memo should also follow the typical formatting guidelines for memos, described on Purdue OWL’s Format (Links to an external site.) page. Direct your memo to your instructor.
Focus your memo on why the Sales Proposal and White Paper assignments will be worthwhile. This means that you should include the following content in you memo:
Goals: Discuss why the time and energy you put into this class–particularly the Sales Proposal and White Paper assignments–will benefit you. Focus upon how this class will help you meet your short-term and long-term goals. Be sure to clearly identify what these short-term and long-term goals are.
Identify the company that you intend to partner with on the Sales Proposal and White Paper assignments. Provide a detailed, research-based audience analysis of the audience for your Sales Proposal (i.e., your company’s marketing leader). Use personal networking, LinkedIn Learning, and Internet research to identify this person. Reference at least three sources (in MLA Style (Links to an external site.) (Modern Language Association) or APA Style (Links to an external site.) (American Psychological Association)).
It is possible you may not know the identity of your company’s marketing leader yet. You may not even know which company you’d like to focus on in this class. That’s okay. If this is you, for the purposes of this assignment, select a company that interests you and assess its corporate culture. Most large companies—such as Fortune 500 Companies—explicitly describe their corporate culture on their websites. Reputable news articles may also describe the corporate culture too.
At the end of the memo, include your Works Cited or References page and your certificate of completion for the LinkedIn Learning course “Writing White Papers.”

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