create a File Geodatabase (FileGDB) for storing the layers you create.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a environmental engineering multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.n this homework, you will create a File Geodatabase (FileGDB) for storing the layers youcreate. You will work with changing a layer’s Geographic Coordinate System (GCS). You will use the “Select by Attribute” tool to locate specific features. You will then use Geoprocessing Tools on those specific features in combination with other data layers to create new layers within your map. Part 1 – FileGeodatabase
Before doing anything else… save your HW5_Map1.mxd map document into the same folder as your HW5_Data files. Your “Home” folder in your Catalog pane will then be within the same directory as your data. o In the Catalog pane, right click the Home folder’s name → New → FileGeodatabase o Rename the .gdb. o Right-click your .gdb → Select Make Default Geodatabase (Now all the new layers you create will automatically be stored in this .gdb)
You will use your FileGDB for the whole homework (for both maps) o After you have completed the maps for this homework, you will take a screen shot of your FileGDB within the Catalog pane with all your layers listed out. ▪ You will include this screenshot as the last page of your submitted homework PDF Due Date: Due before the start of your next lab session.2 of 8 Part 2 – Map 1: Select By Attribute Create the following map using the CalCounties.shp layer as the basemap and the CalCities2015.shp layer for the data. Your map should highlight the Orange County Cities with a population >= 60000 and land area >= 20 mi2. Your map should look like: You will need to use Select by Attribute tool on the CalCities2015 layer You have 3 attributes that you are searching for within the Cities layer!
▪ Only cities that are in Orange County ▪ Meet both criteria of having a population >= 60,000 and a land area >= 20 square miles o Step 1: ▪ Create a new layer of just the cities that are in Orange County by using the “Select by Attribute” to select only cities that are in Orange County
Leave them highlighted and right-click the Cities2015 layer in the Table of Contents pane → Data → Export Data
Make sure the “Export” field says “Selected Features”
Rename your layer in the “Output Feature Class” field (change the name of layer from “Export_Output” to something more descriptive) o Step 2: ▪ Remove the original CalCities2015 layer (right-click → remove) since you only need your new Orange County cities layer.3 of 8 o Step 3: ▪ Then create another new layer of just the OC cities that meet the population and land area criteria listed above by using “Select by Attribute” on your new Orange County cities layer
You will need to enter both criteria so that it selects all cities that meet both
Once these cities are selected, you will export them to a new layer by right-clicking your OC cities layer → Data → Export Data
Make sure the “Export” field says “Selected Features”
Rename your layer in the “Output Feature Class” field (change the name of layer from “Export_Output” to something more descriptive) ▪ These cities should have a different color of fill (you choose the color) than the other cities o Step 4: Go to layout view and add in the appropriate map components before exporting your map. ▪ Title ▪ North Arrow ▪ Legend ▪ Scale Hints:
Remember to check the layer’s Attribute Table for the correct spelling and format of the data’s Field Name (data column name) for your search criteria
Use the formula buttons and Get Unique Values button to enter your search criteria! 1. Only enter numbers manually (use the buttons for the rest). 2. Use the Verify button to check for errors before clicking Apply → OK. Part 3 – Map2: Buffer and Clip Start a new .mxd map document and save it within the same folder as your data. You will use the CalCounties.shp layer for the basemap and the CalGeoNames.shp layer for the data layer. Before you start working on your data layers, confirm that the FileGeodatabase you created for Map 1 is still set as the default file geodatabase for your Map 2. If it is not, then right-click your HW5.gdb → Make Default Geodatabase. Create the following map containing information about parks within a radius of 0.5 miles from schools in Orange County. Your map should look like the map below:4 of 8 You will need to use the Counties and CalGeoNames layers. Note: The CalGeoNames layer contains many data points and will take longer to load
than the other layers you’ve used previously. You will want to use the Select by Attribute tool to isolate out just the points within Orange county as soon as possible, since the rest of the huge data set is not being used and will just slow your ArcMap session and risk it freezing up.
Use “Select by Attribute” to make a new layer for all CalGeoNames points in Orange County. o Right-click the original CalGeoNames layer → Remove
From this new Orange County CalGeoNames layer create two new layers for: o Orange County Parks o Orange County Schools
Apply Buffer and Clip to the Parks and Schools layers you created to isolate out the parks that fall within a 0.5 mile radius from schools. o Use Buffer to create a new polygon layer of 0.5 radius buffers centered on all the OC Schools5 of 8 ▪ Once you have the OC Schools Buffer layer created, you can hide the schools point layer o Use Clip to create a new layer of just the points within the OC Parks layer (Input Features) that overlap with the new OC Schools Buffer layer (Clip Features) ▪ After creating your new clipped OC Parks layer, you can uncheck or remove your old OC Parks layer. Again, remember to add your map components in Layout View before exporting your map. The only layers that should be visible in the final map are the basemap (CalCounties) along with your OC Schools buffer layer and the clipped OC Parks layer on the very top. Part 4 – Screenshot of your FileGDB Now that all your maps are done, take a screenshot of the contents of your File Geodatabase as displayed in the Catalog pane. Include the screenshot as the last page in your homework PDF file. Pre-Submission Double-Check You should have the following pages merged into a single PDF file with the appropriate file name 1. Orange County Cities map 2. Orange County Parks map 3. The screenshot of your final File Geodatabase contents as displayed in the Catalog pane.
Requirements: as instructed

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