conduct a genre analysis for Literacy Narratives.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Narrative writing is a particular genre of writing. This assignment allows you to investigate how the genre works–by focusing on a sub-genre: the literacy narrative. For this assignment, you will conduct a genre analysis for Literacy Narratives. To begin, identify a literacy narrative you’d like to analyze from the list below:“Late Nights, Last Rites, and the Rain-Slicked Road to Self-Destruction (Links to an external site.)” by Thomas Osborne
“Tech and My Reading and Writing Literacies (Links to an external site.)” by Jasmine Thomas (Note: This literacy narrative is a video. The link takes you to the transcript of the video and then you can click on the link under her title to watch the video. It is the video you should be analyzing.) The literacy narrative genre is a type of writing about someone’s experiences with reading, writing, and/or language. This narrative by Jasmine Thomas is one example of a literacy narrative, and topic of this particular literacy narrative is technology.
“Literacy Narrative: Salsa Parisino (Links to an external site.)” by Maggie Ferguson
After selecting one of the above literacy narratives, read the narrative and then analyze the narrative using the “Guidelines for Analyzing Genres” box on pages 654-656 in our textbook. Specifically, focus your analysis on questions 2, 3, and 4. Your total response should be at least 250 words and demonstrate that you have 1) read the literacy narrative and 2) thought carefully about the analysis questions provided in our class textbook.Note: Your answers should be detailed yet concise and focus on what you can learn about literacy narratives AS A GENRE by using the one you choose as just one example of that genre. In other words, your answers should focus on the genre as a whole.
Requirements: 250 words

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