Compare and contrast the theories

This visual presentation will connect the theories of four experts with the events in the film, To Sir With Love, and show how they are alike and different.
Deliverable: a visual PowerPoint presentation (15-20 slides)
Perform the following steps:
Step 1: Review the theories of Weber, Veblen, Cooley and Mead, as described in the attached source as well as those linked below, and watch the film, To Sir With Love, also linked below. Consider the theories of these four experts and how they relate to what you observed in the film.
Step 2: Based on the theories of Weber, Veblen, Mead, and Cooley, create a PowerPoint presentation following these guidelines:
Make connections between the four theories and the film.
Compare and contrast the theories and how they apply to the film.
Create 15-20 slides (describe each of the theorist’s work and make connections to each of their work to the film, To Sir with Love)
Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Sources (also see additional one attached):

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