clear focus which includes a 1-2 sentence thesis statement that states the problem

The Final Draft of the Research Essay is due here on this assignment page; it is worth 200pts.
For your final draft, please make sure your essay has:
a clear focus which includes a 1-2 sentence thesis statement that states the problem and overall resolution to the problem;
relevant background information about the problem;
proper research essay format, as discussed in class;
Seven (7) MLA cited credible sources in which you quote or paraphrase;
a minimum of 8 full pages (NOT including the Works Cited page[s]);
formatted in MLA style (in 12pt., Times Roman font, etc.);
a properly formatted Works Cited page(s) in MLA format;
in proper academic writing style; and
an original, creative title
Keep in mind that by the end of your essay, readers should know what your problem is that you are trying to solve and what solutions you have developed to solve the problem. Your paper needs to include relevant detail with examples, explanations, and elaboration to discuss the problem at hand and support your proposed solution(s).

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