Can it be collected ethically?

you must develop a workable research hypothesis based on an ideal dataset that you specify. You will need to consider what statistical test to use to test your hypothesis, given your ideal data.
Your hypothesis should incorporate the following:
A brief introduction and then state your null and alternative hypotheses.
A clear descriiption of the ideal dataset that you will use for testing your hypothesis. Describe each element of the dataset along with its unit of measure. For example, age in months, distance in kilometers, dosage in milligrams, etc. Include how you will distinguish between two samples in your dataset?
A discussion of the feasibility of collecting your ideal dataset. How will you collect it? Can it be collected ethically? Is it affordable?
A statement of the statistical test you will use to test your hypothesis with a justification for its selection. Include what level of significance you will use and why.
Add your hypothesis to the end of the paper you submitted in the previous assignment. Be sure to check for alignment between all of the research components. (All attached)

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