Are there enough details in the story?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need guidance to help me learn.When it’s time to peer review, use the 9 questions below to help you evaluate your classmates’ drafts. Please comment in the text, by highlighting a relevant section to attach your comment to. (Watch the peer review video (Links to an external site.) if you have any questions about how to complete the peer review.) Note: Do not add comments to the peer review rubric. (Yes, I know that Canvas instructs you to leave feedback, please ignore that message.) Instead, you should leave your feedback directly on the document that your peer submitted, as shown in the video. Your comments will save as you go. (After your peer has provided you with feedback, you can find the feedback on your own paper by following these (在您的同行向您提供反馈后,您可以按照这些Canvas 社区页面 (Links to an external site.). Peer Review QuestionsWhat is at least one area where you think there could be some clarification? Explain what questions you have as a reader that you think the writer could more fully explain.
What is the theme of the story? Highlight one aspect of the story that seems clearly connected to the theme and in the margins explain what you think the theme is. Comment on whether or not you think the entire story is feeding into that theme or not. (If you cannot find the theme or if you think there is more than one theme, make a comment explaining exactly what confuses you.)
Are there enough details in the story? Identify at least one area where you think more details would have helped you understand or envision the story. Or, are there any sections where the reader goes in to too much detail? If so, identify this area and explain.
Does the story actually answer one of the prompts? (Does it discuss language communities or discourse communities in some way?)
Do you feel like the ending of the story was appropriate to the story? What could be better, if anything? Or, if the ending is not yet included in the draft, make a comment about what you, as a reader, want/expect from the ending of this narrative.
Comment on the visual. Is the visual appropriately placed in the draft so that it makes sense when you view it? Or, does the visual seem like an afterthought? Is it clear how the visual connects to the written narrative, or is more explanation needed? Or, if a visual is not included, post a comment that reminds your peer to include a visual in their next draft.
Did everything came in an order that made sense to you? Remember, the story doesn’t have to be chronologically ordered, and instead should be organized in a way that makes the theme clearer. Can you think of any changes to organization that might help a reader understand or enjoy the story more?
Comment at the end of the document: What do you think is one change the writer could make in order to make the story more interesting and engaging?
Comment at the end of the document: What is one thing you really liked about the story? Try to be specific.
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