Are Bill’s actions an ethical issue, a legal issue, or both? Explain your reasoning.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business law multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Please submit a 1-page reflection based on Chapter 4: ” The Institutionalization of Business Ethics” and Case 10: ” Google: The drive to balance privacy with profit” to Blackboard. Reflections should include your answers to the questions that are asked to you after each case (called “Questions for Discussion”) based on your understanding of the readings for this week.Ch 2 (pg84 onwards in the tb)1. Describe the stakeholders involved in this ethical dilemma. What stake do they have in the situation?2. Are Bill’s actions an ethical issue, a legal issue, or both? Explain your reasoning.3. What are some of the risks Ahmed faces if he become a whistle-blower? What are the risks if he remains silent?Case study (pg439 tb)1. Has Google implemented a strategy that serves all stakeholders?2. How can Google respect privacy and still maintain its profitability?3. How will increasing global regulation of privacy affect Google’s operations?
Requirements: 1 page singleSpaced   |   .doc file

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