analyze a context within which you communicate

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Background The Context Analysis assignment is the second major writing project in ENG101. This
assignment is the first writing project in a series that builds up to the Rhetorical Analysis writing
project in the final modules of the course. This project also gives you experience thinking about
the complexities of context and practice making visible what can often be invisible in
communication interfaces and rhetorical situations.
In this assignment, you will analyze a context within which you communicate; specifically, you
will explore how a medium of communication or a communication interface that you use both
creates opportunities and limits them. Some examples of potential media to examine include:
● an e-mail provider or app
● Twitter
● Facebook
● conventional voice telephones
● video conferencing services or apps
Do not feel limited by the above examples (they are only suggestions), but be sure that you are
examining a tool, technology, or interface that facilitates communication with other people.
The purpose of this assignment is not just to tell what a technology does; instead, you will seek
to understand how the ways in which a context is organized shapes how you can communicate
within that context. Such understanding allows you to better recognize possible ways to
connect with others in different contexts and to – eventually – shape your messages in
contextually-appropriate ways.
Skills and Outcomes
● Recognizing and summarizing how aspects of a technology shape a communicative
context for oneself and an audience (Rhetorical Knowledge; Critical Thinking, Reading,
and Composing)
● Explaining how a communicative context shapes identities (Rhetorical Knowledge;
Critical Thinking, Reading, and Composing; Knowledge of Conventions)
● Differentiating and participating in different steps in the writing process to maximize its
efficiency and efficacy in producing a polished project (Processes; Knowledge of
● Critiquing one’s work relative to the assignment rubric during review (Critical Thinking,
Reading, and Composing; Processes; Knowledge of Conventions)
● Generating a meaningfully-multimodal text (Rhetorical Knowledge; Critical Thinking,
Reading, and Composing; Processes; Knowledge of Conventions)
Requirements: 1000 words   |   .doc file

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