Accounts Payable Assignment

Learning Goal: I’m working on a databases multi-part question and need support to help me learn.MUST HAVE QUICKBOOKS DESKTOP IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS ATTACHED ARE ALL THE FILES NEEDED. The QuickBooks password to access the files is: QB2019* Exercise #3 – Accounts Payable Assignment Scenario In this assignment, you will be entering the vendors transactions for Just a Buck, a company located in a busy suburban mall in Winnipeg, Manitoba, it is a typical dollar store in terms of the products it sells. However, Luanne (Lu) the owner, decided when starting the business that no item would ever cost more that one dollar. Items that costs less than one dollar are even sold in packages so that the total is always one dollar. At the end of March 2019, Luanne Nees converted her accounting records to QuickBooks. On April 1, the files are ready for data entry in QuickBooks. Pre-Assignment Instructions: 1. To prepare you for this assignment, please read the content in chapter 5: Just a Buck, from QuickBooks and follow the embedded learning activities. 2. The assigned readings can be found from pages 222 – 274, within this Chapter and will help you to successfully complete this Assignment. Assignment Tasks: 1. Open the QuickBooks application software and use it to open the applicable data file found either on the DVD that came with the textbook or posted on BrightSpace under Activities and assignments. 2. To complete the assigned readings and learning activities, follow the chapter step by step and page by page. Enter each transaction based on the information provided in the source documents. 3. After entering all the source documents, go to: Choice report menu and click report center
Then click the report icon on the top icon bar
Then select the reports to be submitted.
Click excel
Create a new worksheet
Click export.
4. Once the reports have been selected: 5. In order to submit your assignment into one excel workbook, you will need to cut and paste each report into ONE excel workbook. 6. Check to ensure that the asset and expense accounts have the correct debit balances 7. Check to ensure that revenue and liabilities account have the correct credit balances Submissions You should be submitting one Excel file that contains one worksheet for each of the following reports: Trial Balance dated April 30, 2021
one sheet for all your Journal Entries for the month of April (April 1 – 30, 2021); and
one sheet for Accounts Payable Aging Detail report as at April 30, 2021.
Requirements: Complete   |   .xls file

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