writing about 1 eco-issue (such as climate change) and 2 artists that work with the same eco-issue in their artwork.

I have attached the topic of the annotated bib, and I will copy and paste the instructions below
For your Term Project Essay, you will be writing about 1 eco-issue (such as climate change) and 2 artists that work with the same eco-issue in their artwork. In your essay, you will use data to present the eco-issue and will then compare these artists, using art projects as examples in your comparison. You will also develop an inventive collaborative project they could create together. Please review the directions for the Term Project Essay prior to beginning your Annotated Bibliography. It is important that you choose 2 artists that are working within similar eco-topics.
***There may be some sub-categories of eco-topics that are not listed, since they are so specific. Use the list as a guide for selecting an eco-topic. There is also a more expansive list of eco-topics in a pdf file, from the textbook, which is available in the Term Project Essay directions.
In preparation of your Term Project you are required to create an annotated bibliography.
For your Annotated Bibliography, you will be gathering quality sources for your essay, and will be evaluating them based on how they will be used in your Term Project. This assignment is meant as a way to begin gathering your sources for the Term Project. Some of your sources may change as you research further and as you write your Term Project. Please also review the directions for the Term Project Essay prior to beginning this assignment.
A bibliography is a list of sources (books, journals, Web sites, periodicals, etc.) one has used for researching a topic. Bibliographies are sometimes called “References” or “Works Cited” depending on the style format you are using. A bibliography includes the bibliographic information (i.e., the author, title, publisher, etc.).
An annotation is a summary and/or evaluation. Therefore, an annotated bibliography includes a summary and/or evaluation of each of the sources.
For each source you will create a paragraph of information that includes the following:
1. A summary the reading.
2. An assessment of how helpful this reading will be to your essay, or how it compares to other sources you have collected.
3. A reflection on how you will use this source in your paper.
Each annotation should be approximately 75-100 words. Please be sure to write in the objective third person point of view.
It is important to include reliable and high quality researched information in your Term Project, using scholarly sources. This means that at least 2 of your 6 sources need to be from journals found through FSU library e.g. J Stor, ebscohost, etc. and art publications like Art Forum, Art in America, etc. The remaining 4 sources can be from artist interviews, artist talks, online art publications, magazines, and websites. Please include 1-2 sources for data on the eco-issue and at least 2 sources for each artist you are writing about (2 sources for Artist #1 + 2 sources for Artist #2). The course textbook may be used and may count as ONE source in your Annotated Bibliography.
Please note that “Wikipedia” is not considered a reliable source and cannot be used for an course assignments.
The sources you use for this assignment will be the same sources you use for your Term Project Essay & PowerPoint. You may include more than 6, but points will be deducted for less than 6. Each source will need to be different and may not be repeated. With that being said, please know that you can always add more sources later if needed. You will need to provide a working link for each source you use for your Annotated Bibliography. Please use a “permalink” that is available in the upper tool bar for ebsco host for the FSU Library. You can copy and paste this link in your citation.
If you’re having trouble finding sources, you might have to refine and adjust your searches for articles regarding your research. Try different keywords or phrases when using the database search engine. Maybe you are being too specific and you need to start more generally with what you’re searching. You can always visit the FSU Library in person (if regulations permit) and consult a reference librarian as well.
This assignment should be formatted using the Chicago Manual of Style.
TITLE PAGE: with Name, Class, Instructor, Assignment, Date
THESIS STATEMENT: You will begin your Annotated Bibliography by writing a thesis statement for your Term Project Essay. Your thesis statement should link the two artists you have chosen to write about with the eco-topic.
SOURCES & ANNOTATIONS: Next, you will be organizing your sources in alphabetical order by author. You will now begin to list your sources, each with a working link, and your annotations for each source.
Chicago Manual of Style Citation (single-spaced) Should include a working link to the source. Please indent after the second line of your citation.
(skip a line)
Annotation Paragraph
(Each annotation should be approximately 75-100 words and should be written in the objective third person perspective.)
Please include:
Summary of the reading, identifying type of source, as well..
Assessment of how helpful this reading will be to your essay, or how it compares to other sources you have collected.
Reflection on how you will use this source in your paper.
(skip a line)
You will repeat this format for all six sources and annotations.
Castro, Jan Garden. “Time to Make a Stand: A Conversation with Mel Chin.” Sculpture 38, no. 4 (July 2019): 48–57. (Accessed February 7, 2021).
https://login.proxy.lib.fsu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=asu&AN=136764065&site=eds-live&scope=siteLinks to an external site.
This source, an interview with Mel Chin, provides insight on why Chin was in Flint, Michigan, and how he came up with the idea of creating Flint
Fit. Chin provided the interviewer with a detailed response on why lead contamination is so important to him. Chin goes on to state that he
originally went to Flint to provide a voice for those without clean drinking water and didn’t come up with the idea for Flint Fit until he actually made
it to Flint. One benefit of this source is that it provides background on the Flint Fit, but another major benefit is that it provides background on Chin
and his philanthropic passions. This source will be used to connect Chin’s philanthropic passions with his artwork. This source will be used in the
“about the artist” and “compare and contrast” paragraphs of the essay.
FULL ASSIGNMENT EXAMPLE: Please review the “Annotated Bibliography Module” for examples and formatting help with this assignment.
ASSIGNMENT FORMATTING + SUBMISSION FORMAT: Submit your annotated bibliography by using the assignment submission tool located in the “Assignments” tab. Acceptable file formats are doc, docx, and pdf only.

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