Write an analytical essay on “The Cyrus Legend” source

There are two attachments: one is the textbook and one is the historical source. Write an analytical essay on “The Cyrus Legend” source, analyze the essential aspects of Persian kingship as it was understood by the Greeks. The book information is
Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations: From Prehistory to 640 CE. Third Edition by
Ralph W. Mathisen
and the sourcebook information is
Sources in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations: Documents, Maps, and Images by
Ralph W. Mathisen
double-spaced, twelve-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins.
– Primary source citations are required. Cite from Sources in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations using 1) the author of your source (if provided), 2) the title, 3) the source number, and 4) the page number. Place your citation in the text of your essay at the end of a sentence, and enclose it in parentheses. Example: (Herodotus, The Histories, 68.271
Questions to answer early in your essay (you need not answer all of them for each topic):
1) When was this document written?
a. What does the editor tell you and what clues are there in the text?
b. Where does this text fit in ancient Mediterranean history?
c. How close was the author chronologically to the events described?
2) Who wrote this document?
a. It’s great if you are given a name, but if you aren’t what clues do you have?
b. How does it change your interpretation of a text if it was written by, for example, a dramatist, a philosopher, a poet, or a historian?
c. What access did the author have to the events or ideas described?
3) What is the genre of this text?
a. You will read a diary, a law, a shopping list, and a divine hymn very differently, and they will provide different kinds of information.
b. Why did the author choose to write this kind of text?
4) The answers to those questions will frame your discussion of the information that your text provides concerning the time period and culture in which it was written and help you respond to your chosen topic.
Have an analytical thesis and support it with an appropriate blend of information from the primary source and with the possible addition of outside reading.
The number of sources is not exact, use the book, the sourcebook, and a bit outside material if needed. If you use outside sources, please make sure it is from ProQuest. I wrote 5 sources required, but I just put a number. You can use less.

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