Write a C++ program that accepts one command line argument for a file name

Write a C++ program that accepts one command line argument for a file name, and ignores any extra command line arguments that may be provided after the first one. If no file name is provided, the program should print on a new line “No file name is found”, and exit. If the file cannot be opened, print on a new line “File cannot be opened: “, followed by the file name, and exit. The program should read from the file lines until the end of file is found. If the input file is empty, print out the message “File is empty.” on a new line and then exit. The program should count the number of lines, the number of non-blank lines, the total number of words, the number of names, and the number of integers, seen in the file.
A word is defined as a sequence of one or more non-whitespace characters separated by whitespace. A word is defined as a name if it starts by a letter and followed by zero or more letters, digits, underscores ‘_’, ‘@’, or ‘.’ characters. For example, value, val@l9, num234ten, num_45 are valid names, but 9val, and _num are not. A word is defined as an integer if it starts by a digit and followed by zero or more digits (ignoring signed integers). For example, 2345 is an integer word, while 44.75 and 4today45 are not. Note that a line having only whitespace characters is a non-blank line as well.
The test case for an empty file has been corrected to print out the message given in the assignment statement as “File is empty.”
This correction should not affect the score of those who had submitted their RA 3 assignment based on the previous outputs with all zeros for all entries.
Please, make sure the program should compiled and run on Vocareum and strictly follow the attached instruction/guidelines and test cases.

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