Would you tell the person how you felt even if that would hurt their feelings?

Think about a situation in which a friend solicits your feedback about something he or she has done. How would you respond if you had a negative opinion of what the person did? Would you tell the person how you felt even if that would hurt their feelings? How does this situation reflect a cultural difference in verbal communication styles? Think about non-verbal communication cues and verbal communication styles that were used by both you and your friend. Think about what communication channels were used (text, phone, in-person, etc). Reflect on the outcome and if the results of this situation were positive and beneficial or negative where the relationship may have suffered.
Use APA to format your essay and cite your references. This essay should be cite-based. Use your textbook as a minimum for academic research. As a reminder, these weekly essays should be relatively short in length. They should be approximately 1-2 pages double spaced essay using APA guidelines for formatting and references. These essays should include a separate title page and a separate reference page (not included in the 1-2 page count). Be sure to answer all questions in the prompt completely and in-depth using critical thinking skills and personal reflection.
As always, reach out to me with questions via email on Canvas or via Zoom during office hours or by appointment!
Great work, everyone! Your level of work and critical thinking is impressive and I’m truly honored as we travel through our journey of intercultural communication studies! Well done!

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