Why was this project undertaken?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management project and need support to help me learn.Your topic should illustrate a public instance of project
failure (over budget, missed deadlines, failure to deliver as expected) in which the proper application of project
management might have prevented the project’s failure. The problem can be from your professional experience
or a national or global issue. Use the Internet to research for such a project. Your objective is to present a
thorough analysis that demonstrates your understanding of facts relevant to the issue and the project
management issues involved. You must arrive at a reasonable conclusion as to the cause of the failure and
demonstrate the reasons why project management would have prevented the failure. Note: this paper is in
place of a final exam so you must demonstrate in the paper, what you have learned in this course.
You might consider answering all or some of these questions as your structure your paper:
 Why was this project undertaken? Who sponsored and funded it? What is the most important information and facts that we need to know in order to decide if there was
faulty project management involved? Who are the people or institutions that have a stake in this outcome of this project, and how were they
affected by the outcome? What do you believe the project manager should have done? What was the role of the project sponsors
with the failure? What tenets of project management were not followed? What could have been done to avoid this situation?How can it be avoided in the future? All
assignments shall include page numbers, headings, proper spacing, formatting (double-spaced). MAKE SURE TO
NUMBER THE PAGES. Formatting should be one-inch margins with Times New Roman (or similar) 11 / 12-point
font. Final papers should be at least 8 and not more than 10 pages of text; footnotes, bibliography, references,
etc. should be placed at the conclusion of the paper and are not considered part of the text.
Requirements: varies   |   .doc file

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