Why is it important for educators to use technology in student writing

Students, after reading the article handed out in class, Top Concerns of Social Studies, please respond to the questions below in complete sentences.
Example: Question, according to the article, why do scholars recommend that teachers use group activities in the classroom. The article states that group work allows children to enjoy learning while working together because the interactive activities provide opportunities for engagement and learning from each other.
Questions for Revision of NYS Next Generation ELA Learning Standards
Why did the revision of the Next Generation ELA Learning Standards focus on literacy instruction and achievement?
According to the article: Changing Expectation for Literacy Achievement, the two key changes made focused on students’ literacy and on the demographic shifts in population.
Why is a student’s literacy development important when it pertains to subject area comprehensions, such as Social Studies and other subjects?
How do demographic shifts in population affect teaching and student learning?
What does it mean for students to be “literate” or to develop “advanced literacies” in today’s society?
In Lifelong Practices of Readers and Writers, how do Llifelong Practices of Readers” and Lifelong Practices of Writers” relate? Explain.
II. Kindergarten ELA Learning Standards
What is an informational text, and how is engaging kindergartners in these texts helping them acquire language development and knowledge building?
The reading states that educators should provide these students with fiction and non-fiction age-appropriate books
How could teachers make these texts attractive so that students become motivated in looking at the illustrations and or reading them?
How can teachers bolster students’ text comprehension skills?
How can educators use scaffolding, and provide additional support to ELL students ( Multilingual Learners) and students with IEP’s with the resources and help so they can acquire content and language knowledge?
III. Kindergarten Writing Standards
How do engaging students in group and individual writing activities help them acquire knowledge and
language skills?
Why is it important for educators to use technology in student writing and reading activities?

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