Why do you feel that flexibility is an important tool to incorporate into your own fitness plan?

Activity Log 7:
Flexibility: As we work on flexibility you may choose to follow along with a book, video, group fitness class or layout you have discovered. You will discuss and answer these questions:
1.Before you start activity what would you rate your Flexibility on a scale Low, Medium, or High?
2.What activity did you choose (Dynamic stretching, yoga, Pilates) to work on range of motion and flexibility?
3.Why do you feel that flexibility is an important tool to incorporate into your own fitness plan?
4.Why do you think most people throw out the stretching portion of exercise when short on time?
5.How did you feel physically after completing your routine?
Activity Log #8
1.Did you choose the same activity (dynamic, yoga, pilates)? Why or why not?
2.Discuss or compare the two sessions.
3.How was your stress level after you completed this workout compared to before?
4.How did you feel physically?
5.Is this something you see yourself doing in your regular fitness routine why or why not?
[PS: Don’t need to write the full 2 pages, just answer the questions]
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Discipline: CONDITIONING(physical training)

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